Consultation Information

What Happens in a Consultation.

Please note – minimum owner/rider age for consultation must be 16, unless accompanied by responsible parent or guardian.

Each Consultation is carried out on a 1-2-1 basis, where I work directly with you and your horse to understand your horse’s anatomy, your history, ambitions and ability to help determine the correct bit and bridle combinations for you both. Each consultation lasts approx. 2hrs to ensure that the processed is not rushed for horse and rider, allowing every opportunity to test suitable options whilst I am working with you.

Hour 1 – Stable Assessment.

For this part of the session, we need a safe, secure area for your horse to stand (untacked) whilst non-ridden checks are carried out. A stable is ideal but I am happy to discuss individual requirements case-by-case.

Here we discuss you & your horse’s history, any medical information for your horse, your future plans and ambitions with your horse and any specific concerns and behaviours. I also review your horse’s confirmation and the overall “picture” and how this ties in with it and bridle fit.

I then carry out the cranial (head) and oral (mouth) anatomy checks, discussing key areas and specific anatomical features of your horse and how these will influence bit and bridle fit. This information is noted and we then check your existing bridle and Bit against these checks, noting what changes need to be made to your existing tack. From here, I select suitable Bit and Bridle options for us to test during ridden checks.

Hour 2 – Ridden Assessment.

For this part of the assessment, we need a flat, safe, secure area that your horse is comfortable being ridden in. An arena/school is best and I am happy to work in safe, secure fields depending if the ground is suitable and safe. We can discuss this on a case-by-case basis.

To establish what is considered “normal” for you and your horse, I firstly watch you ride in your existing bridle and bit, taking into consideration current movement patterns, responses and reactions. I will direct you with transition work through halt, walk and trot to gauge this current working level.

Once “normal” is established, we will firstly alter the bridle and test reactions. Once we have established the suitable bridle option, I them move to bit changes, making informed and minor, but effective alterations for us to establish what works best for your horse and you.

During the session, we communicate about the way of going and I direct the changes based on your feedback, working closely with you to establish what allows you and your horse to work in unison, comfortably.

After the Consultation.

I’ll provide you with my notes and where to purchase recommended products as agreed. I do not sell any stock directly to my clients as this prevents me being linked to any specific brands, to keep my recommendations independent!

I always love to hear feedback from clients and regularly keep in contact with them to keep up to date with how they are getting on with their changes and for any further support, and to cheer them on in general!