Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book more than one horse for a consultation?

Absolutely! I can see a maximum of 4 horses in one day at the same location, allowing 2hrs for each individual horse. My Quote Calculator will give you the total cost per horse and will split the travel fee for each horse (i.e. 3 horses = travel fee split 3 ways).

How much does a consultation cost?

A single horse consultation (2hrs) is £60.00 for the consultation only. For more than one horse at the same yard address on the same day, I offer a rate of £55.00 per horse for the 2hr Consultation. Travel fee is in addition to these costs. My Quote Calculator will provide a cost for your consultation requirements, based on your yard address.

What can I expect at a Consultation?

Both ridden and stable checks will happen during a full 2 hour consultation, please see my Consultation Information page for full detail.

What are your qualifications?

I am fully qualified for Advanced fittings via LANTRA (I have distinctions for both Intro and Advanced Bit Fit courses.) I am also registered on EAPER and carry out CPD every month to keep up to date on the latest advancements and affiliated body regulations (British Dressage, British Showjumping, etc).

Why do you look at both Bit and Bridle?

Both items go hand in hand when it comes to providing full comfort for your horse. You cannot effectively and correctly improve your horse’s performance by only addressing one of these items as they both interlink with the horse’s entire body, as well as their head and mouth.

Do I need to bring anything for the Consultation?

Most importantly; yourself, your horse and your current bit and bridle (as well as tack needed for ridden checks.) I always ask clients to also bring any existing bits and bridles they have in addition to utilise any suitable existing equipment where possible.

Can I buy Bits/Bridles directly from you?

I do not sell any of my stock items as this allows me to remain fully independent and not tied to any brands. I will, however, always advise where you can purchase relevant items for your horse.

What brands do you recommend?

I carry a wide range of brands for trial purposes during the consultation as my aim is to fit what you and your horse find most suitable, regardless of brand.

Brands include; Bomber, Horsemanship saddlery, Myler, Neue Schule, Sprenger & Expert Bits to name a few!

I use 2 bridles (I.e. additional Double/Jumping/etc. Bridle) – can both of these be checked?

Yes no problem, I allow up to an extra 45mins per consultation to check an additional bridle. This will incur an additional cost of £20.00 per additional bridle for Stable & ridden checks. If you would like a additional bridle checked, please contact me directly to advise.

Can I bring a friend or family member to watch?

I am happy for others to watch in on the consultation, provided that I am working directly with the horse’s owner/rider for the assessment. I always advise that what I discuss during the consultation is specific to each individual horse, so spectators would not be able to apply the exact same information to their own horses due to anatomical, behavioural and biomechanical differences. If others would like to watch out of interest, that is no problem, however this does not replace a consultation with their own horse.

What if I don’t have an arena/field at home to ride in?

Many clients who are in a similar position arrange a suitable local arena hire. Please contact me directly to discuss this as this will require a review of the quotation cost if the arena is not at your yard address.