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Please use the calculator below to get a quote estimate from me, please note the following:

  • Each individual horse should allow 2 hours per consultation.
  • This calculator is based on a single day at the same yard.
  • Consultations with different owners on the same yard are no problem, as long as the consultations are on the same date. Mileage costs will be split by the number of horses booking on to the same yard for the same date. If an owner has 2 horses, they will need to cover their share of travel fees as appropriate.
  • Each horse requires a £20 non refundable deposit to secure a booking. This payment is made when I have been contacted to book a consultation date with you.
  • Mileage is charged on a round trip at 50p per mile, I offer the first 15 miles of a round trip for free. This is all automatically calculated in the below quote calculator.
  • Mileage is automatically split between each horse to reduce costs, however if a horse/owner is unable to attend, their mileage costs is passed on to the other horses/owners for that day.
  • Please enter the number of miles from the postal code CF44 8AZ using google maps to the yard of your choosing, the calculator will automatically calculate the round trip.
  • This calculator is to provide an idea of costing to potential clients before booking, the cost details will also be calculated by AT Bit and Bridles and confirmed at the booking stage of the process.

If a question you have isn’t answered in the above please visit our FAQ section.

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To arrange a consultation and for final quotation price, please contact me below.